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One wickedly good machine! - The performance technology of the DISC-GO-DEVIL features robust disc repair in a compact package. The DEVIL can repair up to 150 discs per day and is quickly becoming an industry favorite!

The DEVIL is one of DISC-GO-TECH's easiest to use machines, requiring no clamping knobs or adjustments and a completely digital interface. Through the digital display, the user can customize repair timing cycles based on specific disc repair needs. The history function allows users to see the total number of discs repaired per session of use or over the lifetime of the machine. This will help you not only track the DEVIL's performance, but help you manage its maintenance as well. With consumables that are both long lasting and easy to use, the repair and maintenance of the DEVIL is quick and easy.

Repairing a disc with the DEVIL is child's play. Just simply open the lid, place the disc label side down, close the lid, and then pick the repair cycle you want and press start - it's that easy! It's almost a sin!

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“We really love our little Red-Devil, as we call it. Before purchasing the Disc-Go-Devil back in 2008, we had to withdraw an alarming number of DVDs, music CDs, and entire Audiobooks also had to be frequently taken out of the system when just one disc had problems. That sort of thing gets expensive! But once the Disc-Go-Devil arrived everything changed. While there are still a few problems our machine can't handle, almost every item that comes into Repairs goes back in circulation. Some of our movies on DVD now have well over 100 circulations. This one little machine quickly paid for itself in money saved from not having to replace items. The only complaint I've heard is that we should have gotten it sooner!”

Chris Rose
Tech Services
Boone County Library
Harrison, Arkansas

“This is a brief outline of our experience with the Disc Go Devil over a three year period. The machine itself is very simple and foolproof to use. Anyone can use and produce amazing disc repairs within minutes of simple training. We have repaired thousands of discs for both in store retail sales and for many satisfied customers that have been both grateful and shocked at the results the machine can produce. The machines ability to produce super repairs on DVDs, CDs, games and Blu-rays is excellent with no effort from the operator.

The machine has proved to be very reliable, easy to maintain and simple to service.

The support staff is accessible, friendly and very knowledgeable about service and the consumable products.

In my opinion an investment in a Disc Devil is an investment in a very high quality piece of equipment that will work long and hard for years, delivering excellent results with guaranteed consistency. ”

First Stop Swap Shop Inc.
Peterborough Ontario

“We have been using the Disc GO Devil for over one year and would like to say how pleased we are with this product.

Our first contact with the sales representative from Disc Go Technologies was very informative. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable about he product and gave me advice on which package would best suit our library's needs.

The machine is compact, not taking up much space. It has cleaned hundreds of discs which have extended the life of many we would have otherwise thrown away. It is very easy and fast ot use and when supplies are needed, they can be easily requested by email. An important point to mention is that there is no smell when cleaning these discs and the machien si fairly quiet for being so powerful.

We are a county system with 15 branches and clean all the DVDs at the head office using the Disc Go Devil. We are considering purchasing a second machine this year for our largest branch which says how satisfied we are with this product.”

Pamela Warzecha
Middlesex County Library
Strathrow, ON

Scan and Repair CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and Video Game Discs!