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The Future of Disc Repair Now! - The ROBOTO II is the most advanced, fully automated disc repair system on the market. We offer you the opportunity to repair and return a large volume of discs into your inventory instantly with the quiet, simple and easy to use ROBOTO II. No other machine has the capability to increase your disc repair output to more than 500 discs per day and reduce labor at the same time. HydraShine Technology with SmartChip enabled cartridges repair and polish discs during the same repair session, producing clean, dry discs that eliminate the final stage of wiping. Choose from one of five different repair cycles - light, medium, heavy, blu-ray, or mixed. The repair quality on the blu-ray setting is one of the best on the market. Mixed mode allows you to repair a combination of light, medium and heavily scratched discs during a single repair session. A Buffing cartridge is available to clean smudges, fingerprints and fine scratches off discs. The ROBOTO II saves you time and money.

New, refillable 4 packs decrease the cost of medium, heavy and blu-ray repairs, and reduce waste.

Our machines do not just buff or polish the discs but actually resurface them resulting in a 96% success rate in repairs on even the most damaged discs. ROBOTO II is a secure investment and will fulfill your need to repair your inventory as well as offer disc repair service to your customers.

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“The first thing I notice about our new Roboto II is it's so quiet compared to our previous Roboto. The new Roboto II there's no more noises or burn marks from the rinse cycle, and the finished discs are coming out completely clean with no haze. I also noticed that the inside of the turn table wash basin is clean which means less cleaning for our staff, and the tubing doesn't get clogged. The new refillable cartridges are working out well. It's so easy for the staff to do and it's saving us money and time. We're running this Roboto II all day long without any problems. The best thing about this new refillable system is we don't have to throw away so many plastic cartridges and we can recycle the bottles. The City of Vancouver is always looking into sustainability.

We love this machine. ”

Kelvin Wong, Technical Specialist
Vancouver Public Library

“The Disc-Go-Roboto has been a god-send. Your patience in getting us to the point of actually making a purchase was greatly appreciated.”

Janice Roy Manager, Technical Services
Vancouver Island Regional Library

“Since we've owned our Roboto, we've repaired over 5,000 CDs and DVDs for our main library and branches. The money we've saved on replacement discs is already many times the cost of the machine! The Roboto is quiet, simple to operate, and extremely effective at what it does. And as for the company - Disc Go Technologies Inc. provides excellent customer service; they are always prompt and polite and willing to go the extra mile to explain a procedure or find a part for you.”

Amy Ergler
Librarian Pittsburgh, PA

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