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The SOLO II is a simple, easy to use, self cleaning, disc repair solution. The HydraShine Technology with SmartChip enabled cartridges fixes and buffs each disc during the same repair session to remove extra polish, leaving the disc shiny and ready to use. Choose from one of four different repair cycles - light, medium, heavy or blu-ray. The SOLO II also has a buffing cartridge to clean smudges, fingerprints and fine scratches off discs. Get your discs back into inventory faster and gain a new revenue stream by offering disc repair service to your customers! SOLO II can be upgraded to a fully automated solution featuring a robotic arm to move your discs through the repair process as your volume increases.

Our machines to not just buff or polish the discs but actually resurface them resulting in a 96% success rate in repairs on even the most damaged discs. The SOLO II is a secure investment and would fulfill your need to repair your inventory as well as offer disc repair service to your customers.

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    Video / Game Store Testimonials

    “I have been a customer of Disc Go Tech since 2007. All in all their products have been an amazing asset to my store. Their machines have saved us countless dollars and saved our customers the headache of having their Friday night movie interrupted by a scratched disc. Recently, we had the opportunity to upgrade to the Hydrashine DISC-GO-SOLO machine. Wow! The increased amount of uses per repair cartridge has been amazing. Plus there is a Blu-ray setting! Plus there is a super quick buffing cycle that really works. If you are a collector of discs, whether for private use or public lending, you must have a Disc Go Tech machine to preserve the longevity of your media.”

    Ken Shelf, Owner - 4 Star Viseo, San Francisco, CA

    Pawnshop Testimonials

    "Before I bought the Disc-Go-Solo repair machine I was losing DVD and video game sales due to the condition of the discs. Now that I have purchased a Disc-Go-Solo disc repair machine from Disc Go Tech my sales have easily doubled. I am very happy with my purchase. "

    Mega Pawn and Second Hand - Saskatchewan, Canada

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